"The Frequency of Leadership course has been a game changer for my business and life. My previous skepticism around phases like ‚Äúabundance‚ÄĚ and ‚Äúlimiting beliefs‚ÄĚ has been turned on its head. After the essential science behind frequency work, the recommended practices and energy channeling had quick results. New clients showed up happy to pay what my services are worth and my programs filled. My frequency and intention setting opened the door for other people to join me on my path, offering to help move my initiatives forward.¬†

Among the most powerful outcomes of the program is that I have dropped my limiting belief around time scarcity. A whole new world has opened with this shift. I feel at ease, confident, empowered, and in absolute flow in my life. Having acquired many individual tools over the years to support my personal and professional growth, this course has given me the equivalent of a symphony conductor’s baton to direct my best life."

-Martha Brettschneider

"I've been fascinated and impressed by Tyler and Susan's approach to creating results in both my personal and professional life. Never before did I appreciate how much my own thoughts and emotions were unconsciously steering the direction of things in my life. 

I applied the principles of Choice and Alignment to two situations I was facing: a project I was leading at work and the search for a new home. I will summarize a long story by simply saying it worked. The practices helped me find what was really in my heart, and, voila, things began falling into place. The 5-week experience was deeply transformative, and I highly recommend giving it a try."

- Peter Bonanno

"Wow, I can't express how amazed I am by the incredible results I've experienced from the Frequency of Leadership program and Tyler’s coaching. It's completely transformed the way I approach each day as a business leader. From the moment I started using the skills and practices, I noticed a remarkable difference in building mutual trust with my colleagues, transforming my past limiting beliefs, and believing in new possibilities I can achieve in my work and life. How empowering!

Not only that, but the wisdom and guidance provided by Tyler is exceptional. I've benefited from other leadership development and personal growth programs in the past, but this is ‚Äėnext level‚Äô in its power and impact. If you're looking for a game-changer and bring a spirit of curiosity and commitment to the practices, you can create the change you desire in your work and life."

-Heather Dawson

"Throughout my career, I have consistently sought opportunities for meaningful leadership development and personal growth. What sets Tyler apart is his unique ability to combine practical leadership strategies with a deep understanding of holistic approaches. Tyler holds space with compassion, warmth, care and professionalism, creating a safe and supportive environment for depth, exploration, and transformation. After the sessions I feel more joyful, connected, and at ease. Thank you, Tyler! "

- Carolina Lasso

"My experience has been both subtle and powerful. Through working with Tyler, I've started to bring my life into greater alignment. There's been a narrowing of my focus and a deepening of my connection with the universe. Each session is different, but I always feel an opening and a strong sense of peace. This work is helping me heal a longstanding illness and regain my trust in all the goodness that is available to us.

I appreciate how safe and held I feel working with Tyler. With each new session, I am able to connect more deeply to something greater. Sometimes, I even experience energetic shifts in my body. What's more amazing are the life shifts that have been happening since we started working together. I notice profound changes that have been a long time coming, and I feel such gratitude. This work is incredibly supportive."

- Kat Pedersen

"When I work with Tyler, I feel more clear, at ease, astute and trusting of my own intuition. This enhancement of my soul's wisdom is profound, as I can feel the shifts unfolding gracefully over time. Tyler's sessions offer a safe and sacred healing space without having to tell a story, or get caught in a narrative. His work has opened my eyes to the intelligence of energy and how, when properly aligned with our intentions, it gives us the exact medicine we need.

As a clear and present channel, Tyler works by aligning and attuning to various high-frequency healing energies that alchemize your overall wellness. With his innate ability to stay calm, grounded, and present, Tyler safely manages these energies as they are sent to align your entire luminous field.

I highly recommend working with Tyler."

- Elizabeth Furest

"It was wonderful and nourishing working with Tyler. He guided me gently through the process and explained what was going to happen. I allowed myself to relax and within a very short time I could sense changes in my energy field (different sensations in my limbs, tickling around my head, and reduction of tension in my chest and shoulders.)

Afterwards, he helped me settle into a soft meditative state that was very spontaneous. I felt relaxed and nourished.

I can't wait to have my next sessions and will recommend it to anyone."

- Uri Kugel

"Tyler’s grounded presence and connection to high frequency energies created a space of deep transcendence and serenity for me in my session with him.

The purity of his intentions, coupled with his heart centered intelligence, is valuable for anyone on the spiritual path.

If you are looking for an able guide to help you find and enhance your own light, look no farther."

- Nancy Heydemann

“The energetic practice Tyler offers is unlike any I've ever experienced. There’s a personal ease to Tyler that is rare. It’s this natural ease that makes the work he does go beyond a simple energy reading.

Tyler channels a source that brings love, knowledge and infinite awareness to his sessions. The process is graceful and fundamentally soul soothing.”

- Jay Holland

"Tyler has a true gift. His presence and voice are immediately grounding and calming, and his powerful energy sessions feel heart-opening and soul-nourishing.

Think of the best of a traditional meditation with the volume turned up and the support all for you.

I've walked away from each session feeling lighter and more peaceful, and I'm beyond grateful that Tyler is sharing his talent with the world."

- Julie Pesano

“I had such a beautiful experience in my session with Tyler. I felt a deep level of peace and tranquility in the safe space Tyler holds with the energy he channels.

I let go of stress and moved into a powerful reset with my Higher Self, experiencing beautiful visuals of Divine Presence and Healing Light with messages to support me in this time of growth and change.

So supportive and nourishing on all levels!”

- Karyn Holland

"Tyler's sessions are so potent! He holds space for whatever arises with kindness, confidence and ease, literally opening up a space for insight and transformation.

During the sessions, each moment brings something new. Whatever happens, it has always felt to me like a process I am a part of, and at the end I feel relaxed and light.

I still don't have words for what the energy has done for me, but I feel it has been a part of a deep process of healing, and has connected me with my own spirit guides in a way I had never felt (or even believed in) before."

- Lindsey Kugel

"My sessions with Tyler are phenomenal. 

He creates such a safe and warm environment allowing me to be totally present and seen by him, and for my energy to go or do or be whatever it needs to.

I often experience a clearing-out of idle and disruptive energy, and I feel healthier and fresher for the session. I feel completely grounded and reset each time.

I’m already looking forward to my next session!"

- Tim Simons

"The energy around the space Tyler creates with his presence makes you feel instantly connected with infinite source.

His knowledge, integrity, and intuition in the spiritual realm are like open doors to the unknown where all is possible.

I feel safe, holy, and filled with joy when working with him."

- Luz Elena Castro

"Tyler brings a soothing, caring, and enthusiastic energy to his sessions. He exudes a feeling of peacefulness that naturally brings the body into a state of ease.

He's also extremely intuitive. It's a joy being in his presence!" 

- Mark Gober

"Working with Tyler and the energy he opens up provides support and guidance in a very loving and gentle way. 

I've had several sessions with Tyler and each time I have left feeling relaxed, alert and clear.

Tyler himself is a deep, calm presence and he holds a very nurturing, relaxed and easy space for healing."

- Steph Stern

"Tyler brings a deep and resonant energy to his work. He has a gentleness of spirit and heart that comes through with the energies he shares in his sessions.

I have worked with Tyler several times as I’ve transitioned out of a period of personal grief, and his work has helped me rebalance these inner alignments.

Tyler is a kind and curious soul, and his personal exploration of consciousness informs his work. I learn something new each time we connect, and am deeply grateful for all our interactions!"

- Sarah Laskin

"Tyler is a gifted evolved soul who is able to invoke spirit energies of high resonance to uplift and align our energetic bodies, in addition to grounding and bringing our physical bodies into present time‚ÄĒorientating mind/body/spirit into a cohesive unit.

My experience of Tyler’s work was most enjoyable. I noticed an immediate sense of stillness as he began his process, which deepened and continued throughout the whole experience.  I was left with feelings of calm, clarity, and being grounded in my body. That experience lasted throughout the day and contributed to an effortless flow to the day’s activities.

I recommend Tyler’s Alignment Energy sessions as a welcome addition to one’s health routines."

- Garret Sanford

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