Our Why

Our Why is to help raise consciousness on the planet. We believe our consciousness is the greatest force for change – as our inner worlds change, our outer world changes. We empower leaders to live and lead from their highest frequency so that, together, we can transform our world.

How we do it: We teach leaders the physics principles of frequency and how to align with their unlimited nature. Our clear, action-oriented approach is experiential and empowering. You’ll choose something you wish to create, learn the principles, apply the process, and experience for yourself how your frequency works. 

What we offer: The Frequency of Leadership Course, Workshops, Private Sessions, Podcast episodes, and Free Resources that empower leaders to raise their frequency and create the lasting transformation they envision for themselves and our world.

About Us


Co-Founder, The Frequency of Leadership

Tyler teaches The Frequency of Leadership, helping leaders to unlock the full power of their frequency so they can create the results they want with less stress and effort, enjoy the process, and feel more fulfilled. 

Through his free monthly Alignment Updates and guest interviews, Tyler explores frequency, leadership, and self-realization, illuminating who and what we are, and empowering us to lead from a higher level of consciousness.

Tyler began having intuitive experiences as a teenager, piquing his curiosity and initiating a lifetime of exploration to understand consciousness and how our reality works. He experienced a series of awakenings in 2018, opening his eyes to the fact that we are multidimensional beings (both human and divine) and that understanding and using the power of our frequency is the key to our transformation. 

He is a lifelong leader and entrepreneur with business, technology, finance, sustainability, and mindfulness expertise. He was a sales executive for Microsoft and co-founded the Mara North Wildlife Conservancy and the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board.

In his role at Search Inside Yourself Global he led international teacher training programs on mindfulness-based emotional intelligence for global leaders, training many hundreds of teachers including employees at Google, SAP, Boeing, LinkedIn, and in the Bhutan Royal Civil Service. 

His experiences as a leader, teacher, and mindfulness practitioner allow him to clearly articulate and uniquely relate with his clients. They notice immediate changes in their lives and leadership using his clear, action-oriented approach.

Tyler’s guiding vision is to empower leaders to align with their highest frequency and make their greatest contributions yet.


Co-Founder, The Frequency of Leadership

Susan’s passion is helping people experience our deep connection with our world and with each other. She develops and leads programs that inspire collaboration, action, and personal transformation.  

Susan joins us from Lionfish Consulting, where she developed projects that raised global awareness about environmental and pro-social issues for clients, including Matter Unlimited, African Parks, The Walton Family Foundation, Jaunt Studios, the United Nations Environment Program, and National Geographic.

From 2008 through 2010, Susan co-led a project for Great Plains Conservation in the Masai Mara in Kenya that established an 80,000-acre wildlife conservancy. Mara North effectively increased the Masai Mara National Reserve by 21% and created a sustainable income for over 1,000 Maasai landowners and their families. 

Before establishing her firm, she was the Director of the Explorers Program for National Geographic, where she worked for 14 years. Susan created the Emerging Explorers Program, an annual awards program that supports young trailblazers, and developed the highly successful NG Explorers Festival, an annual conference featuring top explorers from around the world. 

Not surprisingly, Susan is an explorer at heart. She loves learning, observing, and understanding how things work. Nothing makes her happier than connecting seemingly disconnected ideas, organizations, and people to amplify our impact in the world. 

Her life-long interest in consciousness led her to build a partnership and project between the Mind & Life Institute, the Center for Healthy Minds, and National Geographic to explore the science of the mind. She worked with the annual Wisdom 2.0 conference for four years and completed a two-year Master’s Certification in Intuitive Medicine, a system of expanded perception of the world through developing the human sense of intuition. 

Through a lifetime of experiences, she has come to realize that if we each took responsibility for our own frequency, we could create a beautiful life for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world.


Chief Inspiration Officer

Tamu (pronounced tah-moo) means “sweet” in Swahili. She is the Chief Inspiration Officer and shows up for every meeting on cue. She also attends all meditation and energy alignment sessions, clearly wanting to bask in the frequency. 

When Susan meditates in the morning, she will stay with her even after hearing her kibble being poured into a bowl (hard to miss); and she is VERY food motivated. This gives you an idea of the power of frequency. Animals are highly sensitive to energy, and Tamu is no exception. She keeps our home and office grounded and is always there to bring us back into balance.

Her favorite things are exploring, swimming, “trick-or-treating” from any human, and emanating pure joy. She shows us every day how to stay present in each moment, do what you love, and live life with an open heart. Be on the lookout for Tamu in the live sessions, and don’t be surprised if your own pets start joining too!

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