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Access your inner wisdom to release self-limiting beliefs, come into greater alignment with your natural state of being, and accelerate your transformation.

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Start creating the results you want

  • Is there something you’d like to create, but regardless of how much effort or time you put into it, you’re unable to create the lasting change you envision?
  • Do you have a limiting pattern you’d like to resolve once and for all?
  • Do you want to live and lead from a place of greater alignment and be able to apply all of your unique skills, passion, and wisdom?
  • Are you longing for more freedom, flow, and fulfillment in your work and life? 

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to create for yourself or the impact you seek to generate in our world; it all begins with the power of your frequency.

Because we’re not formally taught these principles, most of us don’t understand our direct role in creating our reality, so we often create unconsciously.

You create your reality with your frequency. 

Your frequency consists of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions - the vast majority of which are running on a subconscious level. 

Just like a radio station, your frequency is broadcast into the world in every moment, drawing back to you people, experiences, and circumstances that are in resonance with you. This is physics.

This leads us to an important question: Is your frequency supporting or limiting you to create the results you desire?

How the session works


The 75-minute session combines a guided process to help you access the power of your inner wisdom, along with channeled alignment energies which help you to release limitations and align with your highest frequency. As you release and align, you become more powerful in your ability to create the results you desire.


1. Choose what you want to create or release

All of us have aspirations that we haven’t been able to create yet. Having a clear intention of what you want is incredibly important, but it is only part of the process of creating with our frequency. Often, self-limiting beliefs and subconscious conditioning inhibit our full power to create what we want.

The session will start with you sharing something specific you’d like to create or a limiting pattern you’d like to release. When it comes to frequency, you’ll learn these are two sides of the same coin.


2. Access your inner wisdom

I’ll facilitate a process that helps you to access your inner wisdom. From this elevated perspective, it’s easier to see and begin releasing limiting beliefs and unprocessed emotions that may be holding you back. You may receive insights, have a "knowing," or feel greater clarity. This is your inner wisdom at work.

When we move out of the analytical, often fear-based “human mind” and into our unconditionally loving and accepting “higher mind,” we can access profound insights and guidance. This higher part of ourselves is always available to support us in realizing our full potential. 

As you align with your higher mind and begin releasing limiting beliefs, your frequency starts to elevate, enabling you to create the change you desire more easily.


3. Receive alignment energies to accelerate your transformation

The final part of the session is best described as a blend of silent energy work and meditation. As a result of a series of powerful awakenings beginning in 2018, I have the ability to channel alignment energies. 

The energies are intelligent and accelerate your ability to raise your frequency. They read your frequency, tailor themselves to your individual needs, and assist you in the ways that are for your highest good. The energies support you to release limitations and come into greater alignment with your highest frequency.

Participants experience the energies physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. Many describe their experience as deeply insightful, powerful, uplifting, and healing.

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How this work transformed my life


All my life, I've been committed to learning, growing, and transforming into the person and leader I knew I was capable of becoming. I often sensed that there was something more for me to be and to offer. 

Sometimes, I could let go of limitations that held me back. But there were others that, despite my very best efforts, wouldn't budge and created a lot of challenging situations in my life. I gave up and thought, "I'll just have to learn to live with these limitations."

Everything changed when I learned about the power of our frequency and how we create our reality. 

I began to see how the state of my frequency (my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs) determined what I could or could not create and how my frequency was either supporting or limiting me. Looking back over my life and career, I could clearly see how the state of my frequency determined the quality of both my inner life and all of my external experiences.

It’s not enough to continue working harder or learn to cope with our limitations. 

We have to exercise our innate power and deliberately choose what we want for ourselves and our world. The key to lasting transformation is understanding and applying the power of your frequency. 

If this resonates with you, I'd love to be a part of your journey.

How our clients report benefiting from private sessions

During or after the session, most clients experience many of the following:

  1. A sense of peace, calm, and lightness
  2. More grounded, relaxed, and supported
  3. A deeper connection to their inner wisdom
  4. Release of stress, anxiety, and tension 
  5. Greater awareness of and ability to let go of limiting patterns
  6. Increased clarity about the way forward
  7. More empowered and confident to create what they want
  8. Deeper levels of self-acceptance, compassion, and love 
  9. More energy, vitality, and well-being
  10. An expanded sense of possibility

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What's Included:

  • 75-minute session.
  • Guided process to help you access the power of your inner wisdom.
  • Release limitations and align with your natural state of being. 
  • Channeled alignment energies to support your accelerated transformation.


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Here’s what some of our clients say…

"My experience has been both subtle and powerful. Through working with Tyler, I've started to bring my life into greater alignment. There's been a narrowing of my focus and a deepening of my connection with the universe. Each session is different, but I always feel an opening and a strong sense of peace. This work is helping me heal a longstanding illness and regain my trust in all the goodness that is available to us.

I appreciate how safe and held I feel working with Tyler. With each new session, I am able to connect more deeply to something greater. Sometimes, I even experience energetic shifts in my body. What's more amazing are the life shifts that have been happening since we started working together. I notice profound changes that have been a long time coming, and I feel such gratitude. This work is incredibly supportive."

- Kat Pedersen

"When I work with Tyler, I feel more clear, at ease, astute and trusting of my own intuition. This enhancement of my soul's wisdom is profound, as I can feel the shifts unfolding gracefully over time. Tyler's sessions offer a safe and sacred space without having to tell a story, or get caught in a narrative. His work has opened my eyes to the intelligence of energy and how, when properly aligned with our intentions, it gives us the exact medicine we need.

As a clear and present channel, Tyler works by aligning and attuning to various high-frequency energies that alchemize your overall wellness. With his innate ability to stay calm, grounded, and present, Tyler safely manages these energies as they are sent to support your entire being.

I highly recommend working with Tyler."

- Elizabeth Furest

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