How Your Frequency Works 

  1. Everything is energy, including you.
  2. Everything vibrates at a particular frequency, including you.
  3. You create your reality with your frequency – which consists of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
  4. Every thought and belief you have produces a specific frequency (ranging from low to high) and sends a signal out, just like a radio broadcast. 
  5. Your emotions amplify the signal, making it more powerful in drawing an event back to you. 
  6. You draw back to yourself people, experiences, and circumstances (ranging from low to high) that match your frequency. 
  7. The state of your frequency is directly responsible for the quality of your life and experiences. Your life is literally a reflection of your frequency.
  8. Each of our individual frequencies contributes to and creates our collective reality. Our world is a reflection of our collective beliefs.

The Frequency of Leadership

Model of Transformation

  1. We are naturally high-frequency beings.
  2. But we often live at a frequency that is less than our full potential.
  3. Our conditioning and limiting beliefs bring our frequency down, inhibiting our ability to access our full power and create what we want. 
  4. As a result, we often create experiences we don’t want, don’t enjoy the process, and end up feeling unfulfilled. 
  5. Through a process of self-realization and releasing limitations, our frequency effortlessly elevates, and we begin to realign with our natural state of being - unlimited.
  6. From this aligned state, we start creating the lasting change we envision for ourselves and our world and experience more freedom, flow, and fulfillment. 

Align with Your Unlimited Potential

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